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Gunner City War


Gunner City War is a top free gunner shoot war game.The enemy has attacked your city and with the help of one of the largest army ofterrorists, they are about to enter in your city. They need to be stoppedbefore they invade the whole country. Enemy is backed by the apache helicoptersand their special team is on the tanks and Humvee. Now its your duty to protectyour countrymen from the ruthless army, attacking everyone.Being equipped with the latest machine gun, rocket launcher and others arms.Destroy all enemies in the battlefield of blast and gun smoke. you need to eliminatethe enemy by crushing there Tank and Air Force.The Game comprises of full time Action & Thrill!! Soldier you need to save yourself from Land Attacks and Air Strikes.You need to survive the enemy attack and devise a counter attack strategy.
Features of GUNNER CITY WAR 2016
Realistic FPS (First Person Shooter) scenarioReal Crime city EnvironmentBest sound effects & stylized graphicsSuperior Gunner gunDrive the battle tankUse the RPG to shot down battle helicoptersBest Thrilling Destruction War Game
Enjoy the Action game Gunner City War of 2016 !!